Climbing shoes too tight? – One possible solution.

Climbing shoes too tight? – One possible solution.

You just bought a real nice pair of climbing shoes and while using them on the wall you figure out that they are (much) too tight? However, they got already stinky in the meantime and you can not return them or sell it to anyone else – shit.

Yes, climbing shoes are not supposed to be comfy, but if they crush your feet or even lead to long-term damage it does not improve your climbing.

Happened to me recently. While doing the first climb they seemed perfect. So I bought another pair. But they slowly caused pain in my heel and some other problems.

Anyway, I found a solution. Now I can use both pairs and save quite some money and resources.

I just gave them some cuts in the area of the heels and a cut on both sides.

Here is how I did it. Do this only if you are sure this is the “last hope”. For me it worked, but it might well damage your climbing shoes!

Three cuts. One at the center end and two a bit on the side. This gives some flexibility. If I wear the shoes the cuts stretch open a bit and release tension.


The middle one goes down to the fabric (without damaging it!). The other two just about half the rubber.


And a cut on each side. Also just cutting through half the rubber.

Use a sharp knife or a utility knife. I used a sharp bread knife 🙂 Don’t cut yourself!

If you do a lot of heel hooks be sure to not cut those spots. Look for some alternative positions for the cuts.

2 thoughts on “Climbing shoes too tight? – One possible solution.

    1. Hehe… Well, after today’s (outside) bouldering session I can say that not being able to do a proper heel hook is definitely not the major obstacle to crush the higher grades at the moment 😉

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